Sunday, October 30, 2016

Transfers, Baptism, All You Can Eat Pizza


Transfers are this week! I'll be staying in Barriero but my beloved trainer is going to Cais Cais! My new companion will be Sister Oliver and I'll meet her tomorrow. 

Alda was baptized this week! It was an awesome baptism. She's already proving to be an awesome new member and is helping us teach two of her friends right now. She's such a spunky portuguese lady!

It rained all week long... I loved it but i suspect in a few week it won't be so fun. It gets quite windy so an umbrella is pretty much useless. 

As an end of the transfer party we went to Pizza Hut (yes they have that here!) and our Zone crowded out the restaurant and ate a grand total of 32 pizzas. And we had a compatition between the elders and sisters and the sisters ate more pizza than the elders! HA! 

The quote of the week comes from Manuela, our recent convert. We were over at her house for lunch and we were talking about how difficult it is to eliminate distractions long enough to sit down and read scriptures. She said: "I figured it out, Sisters! I just hide in the bathroom!" Whatever works right?? She also taught us how to make Portuguese soup, which is very similar to cream of potato soup or something like that. 

Also our good friend Victor got a cat! Probably the most cuddly thing I've ever held in my life.
Churro break! The have churros everywhere for really cheap. It's one of those things where if you have a really good day... CHURROS! Or if you have  a really bad day... CHURROS!

Beautiful Alda!!

Our daily confiscation of cigarettes from our investigator who is going to quit smoking. XD

Sweet is the work! Portugal is the best land ever, Portuguese is the prettiest language, and the people are awesome.

Love all of you!
Sister Ellsworth

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