Tuesday, September 19, 2017


This week our cute little friend Elsa was baptized! It's been kind of an adventure with her. It seems like all of us passed threw tests of faith this week. Elsa talked to the missionaries last year for a few months and then the Sisters were whitewashed and Elsa thought the Church had closed. We were walking through the area and she saw us and got all excited. We talked to her and she was ready to be baptized!  But we had so many problems with her work schedule and the schedules for the bishopric that the only day that worked for her and us and everyone else was a Tuesday night at 8:45pm. Here in Portugal we have to be home at 9:30 or 10:00 at the latest so we ran to her baptism and dunked her faster than a major league baseball player at a dunk tank.

We also went to Sintra for Pday! You can't come to Portugal without seeing Sintra and I had to take my baby there for the last Pday of the transfer. 

While we were there we met up with one of my best friends here on the mission, Sister Ribeiro. She's going home next week so we hung out and messed around. Here's a picture of her being sacrificed by her greenie in a mock isaac and abraham thing. It was actually raining a ton so all of us got soaking wet.

Cute little Portuguese veranda... oh i love this place so much!!!

Have a great week!

Sister Ellsworth

10th Transfer Povoa Photos

Link to Paige's Google Drive

Roubando Cigarros

Hey yall!

This week was fun. We ran around talking to people and having fun. I think one of my favorite moments was when our investigator, Antonio, gave us a huge handful of cigarettes. We have been working with him for nearly 4 months and finally he called us almost in tears saying that he was sick of being addicted and brought us these. I saw a man really come to his knees and plead for help. We taught him about the Atonement and before he left he managed a smile and promised to read.

Take that!!! haha

The later at church we had all these cigarettes in my bag (i forgot to take them out) and in Gospel Principles I pulled out my scriptures and all of them came tumbling out. Then the Patriarch asked for all of them and took the filters off and handed me back the white part. I was like... why?? and apparently the filter stops cuts really well. LOL I love being in an area where all the members are converts!

Other than that it was pretty uneventful. The Church is still true!

Sister Ellsworth

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fall In Portugal!

Hey! There are many stories that happened this week... It rained once. Apparently that means it's fall now! And it rained on Pday and I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but we went out to see Rossio and Santa Apolonia anyway. We went with a huuuuge group of Elders. Our zone has 30 elders and 6 sisters. It was us and half the elders so it made for some pretty fun and crazy adventures.

We had a couple of lessons with some lazy investigators and gave them the whole 1-2 thing. It's basically where you give a really powerful stop-being-lazy-and-do-the-things lesson and they wrestle with the spirit the whole time. One decided to start reading and the other kinda just backed off and continued to run. That's okay. Area book, right? 

We had a fantastic Zone conference though. Our president gave an awesome training on being a Woken up missionary. You can look the scriptures up later because they're pretty cool. (2 Nephi 1:13, Alma 12:11, 2 Nephi 4:28,  Psalms 24:3-4, Mormon 9:27, Alma 5:7, and Mosias 4:5.) I would also add Revelations 3:16 and Mosias 4:27.

He talked about waking up is when your conversion takes place and you being to understand how the Atonement works and why it works. You start to work because you love the Lord and not just because your District leader is going to call that night and ask when happened or that the Zone leaders are pushing and pushing for numbers. One of my companions asked me once how she can work tirelessly and we had a good long talk about how the good missionaries are the ones that try and don't stop trying. They're the ones that work hard when no one is watching, the ones that smile and are happy when talking to people even if they know that they are standing in fresh poop (that happened this week too XD).

I think the most important thing I've learned so far is how to love being a missionary. This is the best thing I've ever done and I've never been so happy (and so exhausted) in my life. I mean just look at this beautiful place....

Rossio <3
top of a restaurante named Bellalisa in Rossio. You could see all of Lisbon. We stayed there for a long time :)

​bahahaha *points finger and laughs* Oh tourists. You're so funny with your crazy sunburns. She had a white hand mark on her arm from sunscreen.... you gotta rub it in honey......

Love you all,
Sister Ellsworth

more pictures of Portugal

Friday, September 1, 2017

Raw eggs, animals, and Brazilians

Hey yall!!

This week was pretty fun... Telo smashed a raw egg on my head. C'mon guys I need ideas for missionary appropriate revenge.... LOL!

We had divisions this week with Sister Salas and Sister Pastrana. Sister Salas and I stayed here in Povoa while our greenies wandered around in another area... lost and scared without their moms. Haha! Sister Salas and I had a party here were we hit the ground running.... Literally. We were late for like everything but we taught a bunch of lessons and contacted a bunch of really cool people. 

We were walking in the road and we basically found a picture of Portugal. 

This is an underground trashcan that is so full of beerbottles that it's over flowing. We left a Word of Wisdom pamphlet :)

We found a new best friend!! It's a little teeny tiny lizard that hung out with us and rode around on my shirt for a while. He was so cute!!!

Also there's a petting zoo really close to our house and one day the peacocks got out and we helped chase them back into their pens!

Okay I swear I'm doing missionary work and not just playing with animals XD

We also found this Brasilian family this week. The mom had talked to the Elders a while ago and invited us back and we heard their whole life story in an hour. We laughed and cried and groaned and now we're best friends. The best part was hearing that they believed that God sent us to teach them about God.

Love you guys! Have a great day!

Sister Ellsworth

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Transfers! Flooded Church and God loves you

Ol谩!!! This week was great! Sister Selman and I worked until we died. There were a few times this week that we had so many lessons planned that we had to teach two at the same time. Sister Selman would teach one at one end of a bench and I would teach one at the other end. It was fantastic!

So I'll be staying in P贸voa for another transfer but not with Sister Selman :( But I'm going to be a mom!! :D I'm going to finish training a sister named Sister Warren. I think she's from the USA but I'm not sure... It will be fun!

This week a prank war started in between one of our recent converts and the Sisters. It started when Telo (the recent convert)  put ketchup in my shoes while we were teaching his wife. I was wearing sandals and was so focused on Catia that I didn't even notice that he squirt this big ol wad of ketchup in my shoes. Then when I stood up the ketchup was cold and squished all over my toes! I about fell over because it was slippery! Then I tried to chase Telo down but he ran laughing like a 12 year old boy who is annoying his older sister. So I went to the bathroom while his whole family laughed and laughed. But Telo had turned off the water!!  Then I decided to get my revenge and I hid his backpack in the church a few days later.  he didn't find it for about 2 hours. Then, knowing that I had hidden it, he took a big bucket of water and tried to dump it over my head while we were teaching English Class in the church!

Then I managed to get a hold of his phone, wallet, and keys while he was hiding in the secretary's office and Sister Selman and I tried to run home so he would be stuck at the church alone. But he caught up to us and stole my name tag. We had a stubborn stand off where I wouldn't give him his phone and he wouldn't give me my name tag. 

Let's just say its war now... Any of you that know me had better warn Telo! Haha

Also on Saturday we were using the buses quite a bit and every time we got on the bus it was the same bus driver. After the third time in a row he shouted "You guys are following me!! Well I just gotta give you a hug because we're family now!" And then he reached over and grabbed Sister Selman in the most awkward hug ever but she tried to protest and pull away which pulled the bus driver out of his chair and he fell on to the floor of the bus, still clinging to Sister Selman. I about died laughing and the nearly full bus laughed too. We helped him up and gave him a  pass along card. He was cool! Making friends wherever we go! Haha

We found this sign this week... It is a road called "Turn from the Shower". It's funny. hehe.

We also found this gem knocking doors.... "Propoganda religiosa aqui n茫o" means "Here there is no religious proselyting." It reminded me of those southern signs you'd find in the USA.

We also found another door sign that says "Jesus te ama" Which means Jesus loves you!! How sweet ^_^

​Also the church flooded. Oops. We helped mop up water for 2 or 3 hours. It basically turned into a Disney song sing of. :) *insert Tangled song*

Friday, August 11, 2017

Book of Mormon Miracles

This week was full of miracles!

We were so busy this week... Every day we had appointments every hour and sometimes even two or three backup appointments. 

This week we found a young man named Tiago who had this beautiful husky and we decided to contact him so that we could pet the dog... Our contact ended up turning into an hour long dissussion about the Apostasy and the Book of Mormon. Apparently he had seen the Elders and Sisters all the time, for years even but no one had ever stopped to talk to him. He asked for a Book of Mormon but we had given our extra away. We told him to just wait in that spot so we could run back to our house and grab another one. We ran back to find him, marking scriptures in the book as we were half walking half running. We gave him the Book and invited him to read and pray about it. A few days later we had a follow up appointment and had another deep discussion, him being intruged the whole time. My companion and I gave each other that "You know what I'm thinking right??" look and invited him to be baptized. He smiled and said that when he recieved his answer that he would be baptized on the beach. 

Then on Sunday he came to church and sat through all three hours!! The Elders quorem wouldn't let us sit with him during the third hour so all during Relief Society I was having an anxiety attack about what was being taught but after church ended we found him again in the middle of the Elders quorum talking to the Bishop asking questions with a Principles of the Gospel book in his hand. It was awesome!!

Then we got to visit with a recent convert named Sony... He's absolutely hilarious XD He was talking to us about how he was having a hard time getting his citizenship here and one night he was on the train and the train conductor stopped him and asked him for his ID. (they do that every once in a while with foreigners. We carry our ID cards with us always). Sony didn't have his ID, just his train ticket and the Book of Mormon in his backpack. He told the train conductor that he didn't have his ID and showed him the nearly empty backpack. The train conductor pulled out the Book of Mormon and started to read it a bit. Then he gave the book back and in Sony's words "The Book of Mormon saved my life!"

Last week I talked a bit about a family... Well they are like the coolest people ever. The dad is named Ricardo and he's married to Jaci and they have three adorable little kids, Madelaine, Ricardo, and little Laura (in the picture). It was Laura's birthday and Sunday so we stopped by and gave her this little stuffed lamb. 

I think I'm getting to the point in my mission where the end looms like a rainy cloud. I feel like Heavenly Father has known exactly what people I needed in order to be able to better myself. I feel my mission can be summed up in one phrase: "You're gonna suffer but you're gonna be happy about it." I'm honestly 100% truly truly happy here. It's hard... I'm always exhausted... But I'm so happy to be here serving these wonderful people. 

Com muito amor,
Sister Ellsworth

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What even happened... I don't know

Well!! Um... Haha... Things happened I guess...Hm....

*looks in journal to find something to write*

Oh yes!

So we taught a lawyer this week! We were knocking doors and this older lady let us in and we started talking about the Book of Mormon with her. She asked a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, mainly not believing that we had had a period of time when the priesthood had been lost. Normally to explain how authority works we tell a little story about how an Ice cream man couldn't give someone a ticket for running a red light in a car because he's not a policeman. Well come to find out (thanks to our Lawyer friend) that in Portugal Ice Cream Men actually CAN give people tickets. It's something like a citizens arrest I think... But she was cool about it haha!

We invited absolutely everyone we taught this week to be baptized due to a challenge from our District Leader. No one accepted... YET. We're gonna do it again. Muhahaha.

We treated for lice again!! Hopefully we're lice free. We found out that the Primary kids all came down with lice the week before we got it and no one told the missionaries. The Sunday after we found the lice half the kids in the primary came to church with shaved heads XD

This week we taught Joana about the Atonement and how faith and repentance are like steps on the ladder in order to get out of deep a hole. She sat for a moment looking at this little picture we drew and then clapped her hands and had a eureka moment! She looked at us and said, "Sisters!! Now I know why I love Jesus!" We smiled and my heart was filled with sunshine ^_^

We had an activity at the train station again!! From left to right around my head, My companion, Sister Selman, Marisa (a RM), Tolwer (the Elders quorum president and a recent convert of the sisters) Sony (recent convert), Carla, and Lili (recent convert and soon to be missionary). IT WAS AWESOME!!!

​We also had this heart attack of a dinner with the best family ever. I think They're trying to kill us XD This is basically 3 grilled cheeses with a steak in between every sandwich, stacked on top of each other in a tent of cheese on top of french fries drowned in sauce and sauted onions and mushrooms. So yummy!! Heehee!

We also had a tour of the church with one of our families that we're teaching. They really liked it! The kids went off to play in the nursery and the ping pong table that we have and we talked to the parents about the youth programs and the temple. They are such a great family... I'm just praying every day that they'll be able to get married so they can be baptized.... SOON:

Well, that's all folks.

Love you!!
Sister Ellsworth

Monday, July 24, 2017

9th Transfer P贸voa photos


Miraculous voices explained

So the whistling of "Now let us Rejoice" in the stairway last week??

The absolutely weirdest thing that happened this week was that we were knocking doors inside this 9 story apartment building and in the stairwell we heard someone whistling "Now let us Rejoice". I looked at Sister Selman and she wasn't whistling. I wasn't whistling. And that song is a song that our members know! But there wasn't any member that lived in that road.... So we ran up and down the stairs looking for someone that was whistling. We found no one. Then we knocked every single door in that building and not one member.
Conclusion? Angels are messing with the missionaries again! Haha it was so weird!!!

So apparently we butt dialed our district leader and he was whistling to us from my companion's purse all the while listening to us looking for someone in the apartment building. Now the whole mission knows 馃槨

English Mistakes with the Patriarch and Book of Mormon Miracles

​Well... This week was an adventure!!

I think we'll start with good news first! We had lunch with the Stake Patriarch during this week which was probably the funniest thing of my whole life. He was making fun of my Portuguese because I said one word funny. So I started speaking English to him and his family. He responded asking why in English we write the words differently that we speak them and proceeded to talk in English like you would read it..... if that made any sense.... So he wanted to say "I like myself and my family." But in Portuguese the "i" makes an "ee" noise so what he actually said was  "I lick myself and my family!" My companion and I died laughing! I couldn't stop even to explain to them what he said.

Then during the week we got asked to clean the mold off the walls in a house. My companion was trying to clean it off the ceiling with a mop and a rag but it wasn't coming off. She asked for help and I walked over there and put a little umph and it came right off. She looked at me and said "What did you eat for breakfast...?" 

Then we found out that this house that we clean was infested with lice.

And guess who got lice.

We did.

So we treated it and cleaning everything in the house. All of our stuff is in plastic bags. HOW FUN!!!

I also started physical therapy this week for my foot... It's going good.

There was a wedding this week as well! The groom asked us missionaries to sing Come thou fount at his wedding... Why? I don't know but we did it anyway! It turned out pretty well. We sang with the Elders. The bishop's 7 year old daughter fell in love with one of the elders. It was hilarious. She came up to him afterward and said "What's your name?" He responded "Elder Carreira." Then she gave him these saucy eyes and a dazzling smile and said "I like your name." The elder looked and my companion and I in panic and we were rolling on the floor laughing. She then started telling everyone at the wedding that she was going to marry the elder. 

I got to see MANUELA!! My first convert! She visited me this week and we had lunch, IT WAS SO AWESOME!

​We also had an AWESOME Book of Mormon activity this week! We went down to the train station with 7 copies of the Book of Mormon marked and ready to give away. We and some members waited for the trains to come and we started contacting everyone!! We found 5 people in one hour that asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and for us to explain it to them. It was AWESOME!!!!

​Let's just take a moment to appreciate this Portuguese house. There's a Lion stature, snails, and a Maria Fatima. Basically.... Portugal lol.

This week has been great.

Thanks for your support!
Love you,
Sister Ellsworth

Monday, July 17, 2017

We saved someone and we are hearing voices

Sister Tavares and the gimpy missionary
This week was good.... I feel like I say that a lot. I bet ya´ll think a mission is a party all the time. And I´ll let you in on a secret... If you choose to dance when there's no music then it´s always a party! I think The beginning of the week was one of those dancing with no music days. Sister Selman and I talked to everyone, smiled, laughed, and came out on top. One thing I really love about serving with companions who have been on the mission for a while is that they understand that the success of a mission is inviting everyone. That is what you can control and if you do it then you have success! But it's also really awesome to see someone accept your invitation as well!

On Monday we got invited to family home evening with a little widow who was one of the first members in Lisbon. We ended up staying and helping her do random things and watching Christ videos and listening to her talk. She told us about her life and the difference that the Church made.

On Tuesday we went to Catia's house. She and her family are the coolest recent converts ever. We had thirty minutes before our visit with her so we decided to play contact-every-single-person (one of my favorite games....) and we got rejected for 29 minutes! But both of us felt like there was one person close to Catia's house that we needed to talk to. Desperately I ran to talk to this young woman that was walking in front of Catia's door and said "Hi! We're the missionaries! Can we talk to you about the Book of Mormon?!" The girl looked at the card I gave her and accepted. WHOOO!!! Reminded me of one of those 4th floor last door experiences.

On Wednesday we had to go to Lisbon for interviews with President. Of course the Elders in the office didn't tell us until the night before..... (patience)..... In the interview President asked how we were working with the moon boot. I told him we were working our butts off again. I showed him that the tread on the bottom of the boot was wearing off and the padding was wearing out. He looked at me and didn't saw anything for a minute... Then he said "We're going to have to get you a lead boot." I laughed and told him that my foot is almost at 100%! 

That same day on the way home at the train station I saw this drunk man walking along the platform. It was like 12 am and the poor guy was too drunk to put one foot in front of the other. I kept my eye on him because he was walking really close to the train platform. Then... In slow motion I saw him put one foot in the air over the edge of the train platform and fell down on the tracks. I jumped up and sprinted over to him.  I hollered at him to get over here and give me his hand, because I knew that the train was going to come soon and drunk people can be difficult sometimes. He sat up and looked at us all dazed and Sister Selman and I each grabbed an arm and hauled him up. #morningexcersies. He was okay, we gave him a couple of band-aids to help with the cuts. I did my neuro check on him and he got up and stumbled outside. Never saw him again....

On Thursday we invited all of our recent converts to the church (we have 11 and it's been really hard to teach all of them and have time to find new investigators) and 6 of them showed up. We taught all of them the Plan of Salvation and had an awesome discussion and fellowshipping at the same time! One of our recent converts told us that he had been taking pamphlets with him to work to study. When I asked him which one he took today, he pulled out a chastity pamphlet! I almost died laughing XD Who do you know studies about chastity on their lunch break? LOL!! Also we were teaching about the Celestial kingdom and I asked the same recent convert (a recent convert of about 3 months) a question. I said "Do we have to sit and home and eat potato chips all day to get into the celestial kingdom?" He replied no. I asked "Do we have to shower every day to enter the Celestial Kingdom?" And he replied "Well.. I think so... because no dirty thing can be with God so we have to  be squeaky clean and shower every day."  I was like... Lol okay you've got a point!

The absolutely weirdest thing that happened this week was that we were knocking doors inside this 9 story apartment building and in the stairwell we heard someone whistling "Now let us Rejoice". I looked at Sister Selman and she wasn't whistling. I wasn't whistling. And that song is a song that our members know! But there wasn't any member that lived in that road.... So we ran up and down the stairs looking for someone that was whistling. We found no one. Then we knocked every single door in that building and not one member.

Conclusion? Angels are messing with the missionaries again! Haha it was so weird!!!

The Church is still true!

Love you guys!!

Sister Ellsworth

4th of July, New companion, I CAN WALK

Okay... I formally apologize for not writing long emails. After hearing a few complaints I decided to write about every possible little thing that happened this week. Prepare yourself for an email of rambling.

First off, we starting this last week with a transfer! Surprise surprise Sister Baker left  for Setubal after just 2 weeks in P贸voa..  I miss her but she's doing an awesome job there! Now I have my fantastic new companion Sister Selman! This week has been a blast! We nerd out about the same things and she is a fantastic missionary. The Elder's area closed so instead of 4 missionaries in P贸voa, now it's just us! It has been CRAZY! We have 11 recent converts plus our investigators and the investigators of the Elders. AND our bishop told ALL of the members to invite the missionaries over in the next two weeks. It's like there's been an awakening in the members and I think its gonna be good! 

We found this girl named Helena this week. She's our age and she's pretty religious. We found her down by the train station when we were on a division with some members and Carla, who is awesome as well, stopped her in the road and asked her if she knew any Mormons. Helena replied and said that she had talked to the Sisters in the past but they got transferred and she never heard from them again. Carla grabbed my arm and was like "HERE ARE THE NEW SISTERS!!" So we taught the first lesson to her and answered her questions about prophets and such. 

We also found this super cool family! Ricardo and Jac铆 let us in their humble house and we taught them sitting on their son's bed because they didn't have chairs to sit on. We taught them about God and how believing in God and going to church can help their family be more unified in hard times. One of their daughters said her first prayer. I absolutely LOVE first prayers! It's the best thing in the whole wide world. 

We also took over teaching Joel, the friend of the Elder's recent convert. He was confirmed on Sunday. Their family has been passing through some hard times as well but while we were there teaching about how God fulfills his promises to bless his obedient children, Joel got a phone call offering him work. Everyone was nearly in tears and Joel got his answer that God is aware of him and that God approves of his decision to follow the example of Christ.

We also started teaching this guy named Pedro (this week we found a lot of new investigators). Pedro is a guy who believes in God but doesn't believe that God is good. Pedro had an accident a few years ago and now he's in a wheelchair. Despite his wife being a doctor, he chooses to live in a trailer home because he doesn't think he deserves anything better. We taught him that God does in fact love Pedro very much and that's why he was here on the earth. Pedro thought a lot about what we said and gruffy said: "Okay... you guys can come back next week..." We laughed and promised him that it would be worth his while.

In a lesson with one of our investigators named Bruno, he also said his first prayer. When we found him he didn't know who God or Jesus were. We taught him that he can come to know who God is through prayer and he asked if he could try to pray. We were like.... YES!!!! We gave him a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately later that day his mom called and said that we couldn't teach her son more.... But hopefully Bruno will remember us and accept the missionaries in the future. 

4th of July. We did nothing. Sorry America... I'm Portuguese now :D

On Friday we can an AWESOME missionary activity! We hauled all of the youth down to the train station, set up a stand about family history work, and set those kids to work. They stopped everyone and we got lots of contacts!! We found that it was mostly jovens who stopped to listen to us with curiosity about who they were, why they were here, and where they came from. 

We also taught a very successful English class! Normally we had 1 or 2 people show up but this week we had a whole lot more! We played games in English and taught people the difference between "tree" and "three". 

The other day I was reading my journal about everything that has happened since I came on my mission. I feel like time has flown by so fast! My trainer went home this week.... She sent me an email about taking her name tag off and I realized that the last year has not lasted long enough. I think I'll stay here forever. Sorry family and friends... I'm staying here FOREVER!!! Muhaha!  Just send me money and peanut butter please. 

I hope this was long enough for those who were not satisfied in the past.... I can't think of anything else XD Being a  missionary is awesome! I would highly recommend it ^_^

Love you!

Sister Ellsworth

Friday, June 30, 2017

Gimpy foot

So... Here's the low down.

They decided not to get a second CAT scan. They thought it was unnecessary. They sent the x-rays and such to the church's German doctors to get a second opinion and they said that I could use a walker's boot (one of those pretty massive concrete boots) for 6 weeks with a bit of therapy instead of going home. They think that might work.

I still take ibuprofen like a drug addict and we stay inside every once in a while when it hurts too much. 

So for now they're going to wait 6 weeks to reevaluate and for now I'm staying here. 

As for the blessing I've already gotten two from the elders and I don't think it would make much of a difference to get one from president. Same priesthood and he's busy....

I talk to the mission presidents wife lots... We're like best friends now. She asks if I've added any new bedazzling or painted the boot lime green XD She wants me to start therapy next week. So i'm gonna do that...

This whole thing kinda sucks.... Its really frustrating to see 0´s in your numbers because you cant go out walking or to have investigators lose interest because you didn't pass frequently enough. Sigh. I do not recommend breaking your foot on your mission... arm? collarbone? Sure but the foot sucks.

Love you!

New companion and Pranks!!

So this week we had an emergency transfer because another sister went home and my companion went to serve in Barriero and I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Baker! She´s been serving for 6 months so far and she´s so darn cute! She´s works really hard. 

When she got here we found a member on the road by the train station but Sister Baker didn't know he was a member. So I nudged her and told her to contact him. She stopped him and started to talk to him for 15 minutes about church and families and God's plan for him but this member was being really tough XD Finally she gave up and I stepped in and was like, "We have church tomorrow. Do you want to go with us?" And he was like sure! Sister Baker´s mouth dropped open when she found out he was a member.

Other than that we had a lovely week of cloudy days which was so much better than the 100 degree sun.

Love all of you!

Sister Ellsworth

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sintra, Baptism, And I´m Melting

Hey guys!

This week was quite the adventure! Almost every day was about 107 degrees WITH humidity. We had to knock apartment buildings because it was so hot. On Saturday we got stranded and a member came to rescue us. On the way back her car broke. Apparently there is a rubber thing that holds the exhaust pipe up and it MELTED. We had to wait for a little while until another member came to rescue us again XD I'm tanning... and my hair is bleaching. A member told me that I don't even look american anymore and my hair is almost blonde now. But that's okay... :)

Also I don´t know if you guys saw but there was this massive fire in Coimbra that killed more than 60 people when the fire trapped people on the freeway...  It was really far away from any of the missionaries but it was really sad to watch the news reports as more and more people were found in their cars or that had died from breathing smoke. Remember them in your prayers.... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40316934

Last Pday I didn't get a chance to write because we had to to a CAT scan of my foot again (they still haven't decided what they're going to do about the fracture) and then we went to Sintra afterwards. The castles in Sintra are so cool! There are huge underground tunnels and churches made from bones. I brought this painting from a cool African guy on the side of the road and its hanging up in my room!

Waterfall in Sintra

Riboleira Castle 


Look at her.. so darn happy. She was so excited to be baptized! She brought 15 people with her that weren't members so....references!! Haha! We´re going to start teaching her daughter this week. 

I'm still walking on crutches. It's super annoying to be a missionary when you walk as fast as an old lady with hip problems. But we´re making it work. When you can't do what you've always done just do what matters most!
This week we also had a ward activity! They put the missionaries in charge so we bought 300 water balloons and had a massive waterballoon fight! After the waterballoons were gone people started dumping huge buckets of water on each other. And I, the poor sister who ca't run to claim revenge, was the primary target of the drenchings. I think I was drenched 5 or  times in less than 2 hours. But with the 100 degree heat it was a welcomed blessing! The members have also started calling me Sardinha, which means little fish. Apparently it's a reference to Ariel from the Little Mermaid because I can't walk too well. Even the Primary children were calling me Sardinha!

Sister Ellsworth

Friday, June 9, 2017

8th Transfer P贸voa



My companion is awesome. Shes from Brasil and makes good food and loves to joke around. She calls me her "cuitada" which is like "loved one" or "poor thing" depending on the context. Most of the time I'm not sure which XD

The ward in Povoa is pretty awesome. The members are cool and in general all of them love the missionaries. Most of our ward is Portuguese which is really weird XD  My other areas have been mostly African and Brazilian. The area is not touristy at all but we are about 15 minutes away from the temple site!! We're going to pass by today!  The area is a richer area than I've been to.. pretty similar to the area that you guys live in. Lots of families too!! We've already found that knocking doors doesn't work as well as my last two areas so we've been working with our recent converts and members every day. 

I kind of doubt it will be my last area.... I have 5 more transfers and its pretty rare to stay in an area for more than 3 transfers as a sister. President likes to move us around and he puts us in areas that the Elders have killed. We're actually working the old area of Elders. President told us that he was thinking about closing our area for the two companionships and just have one but apparently the day before transfers a few weeks ago he decided to put me and Sister Nogueira there. The first week he called us and said, "Sisters, You guys have to find 2 people to mark for baptism and teach 10 lessons with 6 investigators, okay?" And then hung up. We were like.... okay.... So we found Domingos and a boy named Soni, we taught 11 lessons and had 6 new investigators. President called us again and said, "Well, I decided that you guys can to better. Prove me right." And hung up. So this week we marked Soni and Joana, taught 12 lessons, and found 8 new investigators and had 5 of them at church. 

I'm kind of nervous that he'll call again XD  

But its been a good week :) I looked at the calendar the other day and realized that i hit 1 year in a week or two... It made me so sad. I wish that I could stay in Portugal forever and that you guys will just move here..... I really understand why missionaries love their missions so much... why they love the people and to serve. 

Love you,
Sister Ellsworth

I broke my foot and didn't even know

Hey yall! 

Well this week was really fun! Haha. For the past few weeks my foot has been kind of sore and eventually my companion made me talk to the mission doctor and she sent me to get Xrays. Well apparently my foot was fractured.

How? I don't know! So know I'm using crutches for a few weeks or however long it takes to get better. Yes, I'm using good shoes. No, I didn't fall. Yes, i'm fine! That should cover all the questions haha!

This week I also got sick... My poor companion... She's had to take care of me this whole week. But I'm almost all better now. The ward here has been very helpful! I think once the word got out that a Sister couldn't walk all of a sudden EVERYONE was offering to give us rides and teach with us and have us over for dinner. This week was proof that member missionary work works so much better than what we missionaries can do! Of all the members that invited us over, three families introduced us to a friend or a family member who was not a member. Of those three references, all of them are now marked for baptism and are progressing fantastically!

We met one woman from Angola this week named Joana. She lives with a member and told us that she's always been curious about the Book of Mormon. Turns out she had read half of it before we taught her the first lesson! As we shared the First Vision with her she started to cry, holding her Book of Mormon close to her. She told us that she knew it was true. As we were leaving she gave each of us one of those big grandma hugs and said, "I've been waiting to meet you two for the last 50 years."

We met another kid named Isaundro, who is from Guinea. He is 22 years old and moved here by himself to try to escape his situation in Africa. We were walking in the road when we found him. I saw some other missionaries from another church on the other side of the road start to walk towards him and I told Sister Noguiera that we couldn't let them contact him first. So we ran (or rather Sister Noguiera ran and I hobbled) to contact him. Turns out he was thinking about where he could find answers to all his questions about life and asked God to help him. So Heavenly Father sent the Sisters! Isaundro came to church and is already best friends with three other boys who came from Africa and are recent converts as well. 

It's been a really crazy week... But I think I would choose to be a gimp for the rest of my mission if it meant that we could find people like Joana and Isaundro every week. BEING A MISSIONARY IS SO MUCH FUN!! It sucks sometimes but in the end, I love it!!

Com muito amor, paz, saude, alegria, e saudades, 

Sister Ellsworth

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Whitewash with a Native, Getting Lost, WHOOHOO

Wow! This week was AWESOME! Probably one of the craziest weeks I've had on my mission. First off, I'm whitewashing an area with Sister Nogueira who is from San Paulo, Brasil in P贸voa. (poh-voh-ah) It's a big city on the outskirts of Lisbon. It has a ton of hills and our area covers a lot of the suburbs of Lisbon. Our members are AWESOME! It's just a party all the time.

Our first day trying to get to our new area was definitely an adventure. We were in 7 Rios (a really big train station / metro) and I found the map that would drop us in P贸voa. We grabbed all of our bags and dragged them to the other side of the train station until our train arrived. We threw our bags on  and as I was watching the stops and reading the map that's inside the train I noticed that P贸voa wasn't one of the stops. A little anxious, we got off at the next stop, dragged our bags to the opposite line, and got on the next train. Looking at the map of stops, it had P贸voa! But then I realized the train was going in the wrong direction.....

At the next stop we got off AGAIN and asked a worker which train went to P贸voa and he pointed to Line 3. We had already tried line 1 and line 2. So we got on line 3 and headed on out way. Looking at the stops again, it said that were were headed to the Algarve which was not even close to P贸voa! Got of, switched trains, and asked yet another employee. He said that it was number 1, which was the first train that we tried. I wanted to smack my head on the wall.

Finally we found the right train and arrived in our area. We found a taxi and gave him the address to our house and he said "Oh no, I know the missionaries! I know where you live!" We were like sweet, let's go! We loaded up our suitcases and he dropped us off in front of this apartment and drove off. We tried to open the door but none of our keys worked, Turns out the taxi driver took us to the Elders' house and not our house.

We called him again and made him take us to OUR house and finally found our new home sweet home. Then we spent the next 5 hours cleaning the dirtiest house I have ever seen in my life.

Lot's of other things happened too but I'm short on time. I took pictures this week but I left my SD card reader at home... Sorry. 

Love all of you guys!

The Happiest Sister Ever,

Sister Ellsworth

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Transfers, War on the Elders

Hey! This week was fun! We had a lot of little miracles. Unfortunately I hurt my leg somehow and had some difficulties walking for a larger part of the week. We hosted President and Sister Tavares here at the end of the week. They told us about transfers Saturday morning and said that I was going to Evora (or in other words, land of the college kids) and that Sister Carr would stay here. Then on Sunday President called us again and was basically like "Just kidding, I moved everything at the last minute. Good luck." So we're like 90% sure that I'm going to Povoa to serve with Sister Nogueira, who is an awesome native from Brasil, and Sister Carr is staying here to train. She's so excited and I am too!

Also Sunday night Sister Carr and I were walking home and I heard this whoosh behind me and a splash. The Elders jumped out from behind a fence and hollered at us with water balloons in each hand! They chased us all the way to our house where we got cornered at our stupid front door that is literally impossible to open sometimes. The Elders had squirt guns and a sack full of water balloons and the only thing I could was try to dodge them and protect Sister Carr as she tried to open the ancient door (which usually only opens easily on the full moon or if you do a rain dance). Sister Carr managed to open the door and we ran inside and the Elders ran home laughing their heads off.

It's war. Have you already heard of the wars and rumors of wars? It has begun. We're in the chapel right now waiting for the elders to come by to pick up lunch... What better way to get Elders to show up than to offer them free food? Well we have a huge bucket of water balloons and two water guns. Story to be continued but the spirit of prophesy in me is telling me that there will be casualties on the opposing side.


Sorry for the short email but love you still!


Sister Ellsworth

Monday, May 15, 2017

7th Transfer Portimao Photos and Videos


6th Transfer Portimao Photos and Videos


Happy Mothers Day! BBq's and Tender Mercies

Hey Everyone!

This week was good. Lots of work but we some some the greatest miracles I've seen so far on my mission. It was great to talk to my family on Sunday! They are cool people. It rained a lot this week but the Lord loves his missionaries so it only rained while we were inside! As soon as it was time to go outside it stopped raining!! I think God has a sense of humor or something.

There was a BBQ here for the  anniversary of the restoration of the Priesthood. We were out on the streets hauling loads of potential investigators into the church for free food and salvation! 

On Sunday at church I translated for two American families, a couple from Germany, and a woman from Switzerland for all three hours of church. My brain was completely fried at the end of the day! They were returned missionaries visiting their old areas again. One of them had served here 25 years ago and the other was a sister that trained my trainer! So she's my grandma! The man who served here 25 years ago was standing behind me as I was trying to talk a less active member into staying for the third hour of church but the less active wasn't having any of it. Then the man stepped all of a sudden like he knew the less active. Turns out the returned missionary had baptized that less active 25 years ago!! But they didn't recognize each other until I said the name of the less active. Talk about coincidences!

As promised, I have pictures!!

This is my best friend here in Portimao! Sonia is so awesome. She was baptized 4 years ago and loves to help us out and goof off with us on our Pdays.

This is Teresa! If you guys saw, my dad posted a video of me talking about her on my blog. She has such a cool story. Love her to bits!

​This week was international week in the Sisters' house. We made nachos! We also made Hortchata. Yum!

​This wonderful lady also changed me mission. Her name is Lania. She's one of those unknown superwomen who just needs to be baptized. Unfortunately she moved to Brasil this week. I'm happy for her! And I'm also going to track the missionaries down in her city and annoy them until they find her.

Love all of you! The Church is still true!

Sister Ellsworth

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Video from Paige

Click here to see a short video of Paige we did during today's Mother's Day call.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ladr玫es, Amazing People, Paradise Weather

Hey yall! This week was filled with lots of fun things. On our Pday we went to the local mall and tried to find a new skirt or dress for the Zone conference that happened on Tuesday. All the Sisters in my district are "old" sisters (we've been serving for more than 9 months) so we've all worn out all our clothes or worn them six bajillion times. When we got there we quickly realized that the winter knee-length skirts and dresses had long gone and had been replaced with the summer skirts lol. Let's just say that there will be no hope of finding new skirts unless you go to the old ladies section XD We got a few funny looks from these Germans as three Americans and a Brazilian tried on old lady skirts. 

On Tuesday we had an awesome Zone conference and I got to see a few of my friends before they head home in a few weeks. I took pictures and everything but then my Zone leader deleted every single picture I had on my camera. He doesn't speak a lick of English so the "delete selected picture" looked a lot like "delete all photos". I wasn't too happy but hey... The Atonement works in many different ways haha. So I don't have pictures for you guys... Sorry. I'll take some more this week. 

On Wednesday we were in the chapel waiting for an investigator to show up. We were there with Sonia and Carina who were working on a relief society project when this guy comes running through the door, blows past all of us, and books it to the end of the hall to the bathroom.  The four of us looked at each other bewildered but none of us had the guts to go find out why he need the bathroom so bad. Here in Portugal it's super rude not to say hello to someone. It's rude enough that people get in fist fights or break lifelong friendships over it so it was really strange that this strange man I've never seen before would just run into the chapel without saying anything. Well a few minutes later three other guys came running in and scared the bejeezes out of all of us. They were Gypsies so they're the type of people to live in shacks and steal things. Very nice people but not very trustworthy. So being the fearless missionary that I am I intercepted them before they could beeline it to the back of the church like the first guy and said "Hello, we're the missionaries. Would you like a tour of the chapel?" The man responded and said that they were looking for a thief who ran in the church. I was like.... uh oh... So I told them that a guy ran to the back of the church and they started to look for him. They didn't end up finding him and left in peace. I think the robber probably jumped the fence or something. 

We also met this woman named Teresa. We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her about the plan of Salvation. She started to cry and told us that she had never found answers to her questions about life after death and the purpose of life. She began to read the Book of Mormon every day. She told us that she didn't understand everything that she was reading but that while she was reading  she felt this funny burning feeling in her chest. She din't understand it so she paused her reading assignment and took some medication for anxiety, thinking that her anxiety was coming back. But we explained to her that the Holy Ghost speaks to us through feelings like that. She felt so content that she asked if she could be baptized. My companion and I were like... Um. Sure. If you want to... Haha just kidding we were so stoked for her. Marked her  and everything. She's such a powerful woman.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY NEXT SUNDAY!!!! It was mothers day here yesterday... Don't ask me why it's different because I don't know. 

Well that's about it! Love all you to bits!

Sister Ellsworth

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