Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Busy Busy Busy

This week was one of the weeks where we worked so hard that when we came home at night, both of us fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow.  But we survived and we had a successfull week! Itºs been really fun working with our new elders too. They are whitewashing and in a companionship of three elders. One is American and the other two are from Angola. 

We´ve also been working really closely with the members. Sister Foster and I made a goal to find a young family to teach, especially since there ren´t many children in our branch. We found three youth who are good friends of one of our strong members and they are so excited about the church!  They want to be baptized but their mom isn´t letting them be baptized yet. But for now they are coming to church and meeting with us as often as their mom will let them.  We have high hopes for them in the future and we´ll work with what we have for now!

It rained for most of the week which made for lots of puddle jumping and knocking doors inside apartments. Sister Foster and I have been working "AP Style" which is basically when I will knock one side and Sister Foster knocks the other at the same time and go as fast as we can! We´ll probably be the next Sister AP´s!! (Just joking... they don´t have those...)

It´s going to be a great transfer!

Here are a couple of videos to watch: Portimao cemetery and doing the broccoli dance.

Love you guys lots!

Sister Ellsworth

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