Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What even happened... I don't know

Well!! Um... Haha... Things happened I guess...Hm....

*looks in journal to find something to write*

Oh yes!

So we taught a lawyer this week! We were knocking doors and this older lady let us in and we started talking about the Book of Mormon with her. She asked a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, mainly not believing that we had had a period of time when the priesthood had been lost. Normally to explain how authority works we tell a little story about how an Ice cream man couldn't give someone a ticket for running a red light in a car because he's not a policeman. Well come to find out (thanks to our Lawyer friend) that in Portugal Ice Cream Men actually CAN give people tickets. It's something like a citizens arrest I think... But she was cool about it haha!

We invited absolutely everyone we taught this week to be baptized due to a challenge from our District Leader. No one accepted... YET. We're gonna do it again. Muhahaha.

We treated for lice again!! Hopefully we're lice free. We found out that the Primary kids all came down with lice the week before we got it and no one told the missionaries. The Sunday after we found the lice half the kids in the primary came to church with shaved heads XD

This week we taught Joana about the Atonement and how faith and repentance are like steps on the ladder in order to get out of deep a hole. She sat for a moment looking at this little picture we drew and then clapped her hands and had a eureka moment! She looked at us and said, "Sisters!! Now I know why I love Jesus!" We smiled and my heart was filled with sunshine ^_^

We had an activity at the train station again!! From left to right around my head, My companion, Sister Selman, Marisa (a RM), Tolwer (the Elders quorum president and a recent convert of the sisters) Sony (recent convert), Carla, and Lili (recent convert and soon to be missionary). IT WAS AWESOME!!!

​We also had this heart attack of a dinner with the best family ever. I think They're trying to kill us XD This is basically 3 grilled cheeses with a steak in between every sandwich, stacked on top of each other in a tent of cheese on top of french fries drowned in sauce and sauted onions and mushrooms. So yummy!! Heehee!

We also had a tour of the church with one of our families that we're teaching. They really liked it! The kids went off to play in the nursery and the ping pong table that we have and we talked to the parents about the youth programs and the temple. They are such a great family... I'm just praying every day that they'll be able to get married so they can be baptized.... SOON:

Well, that's all folks.

Love you!!
Sister Ellsworth

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