Thursday, February 16, 2017

Baptism, Random Dog, and I freaking love my comp!

Hey everyone! 

This week I felt like we were running all week long! We have two investigators that are trying to stop smoking and one who was baptized on Sunday! I think we taught more taught more than 30 lessons this week and our average is like 12. 

Our good friend Jose was baptized! This guy has one heck of a story. He's fought in world wars, hitchhiked across the world, and has done just about everything you can imagine. One of my favorite things he said was "I've lived a long life but I've never had peace. When I'm with you guys (the missionaries) i feel the peace that I've never felt." He was so excited to be baptized that when Brother Gabriel tried to immerse him, Jose threw himself down so hard it splashed all the members who were watching and Brother Gabriel lost his grip on Jose. Jose came up coughing a bit but he said "Well I guess I had to be baptized on the inside too!" He's a funny guy!

We also have a dog. But it's not ours technically... There's this little black dog that follows us around to all of our lessons ad waits outside for us to come out. We found him on the road and I thought he was lost so we tried to find his owner with the address on his collar but turns out the owner just lets him run around outside all day and he comes back at night. We named him Animo, which means excited because the little bugger is so darn happy all the time! He's so cute. 

We got to help one of our less active members who is anciently old go to the bank this week too. She's like 99 so it took 3 hours  to walk to the end of the street to the bank and back. I'm not exaggerating.... 3 hours. But that is OK because she bought us pizza afterwards! Haha!

It's been really warm here! It's been about 60 degrees and sunny. I've heard about all the snow in Utah and I don't even miss it XD

Love all of you!
Boa semana!

Com Amor,
Sister Ellsworth

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