Monday, February 27, 2017

Semana 5: Divisions, General Authorities, and Adventures

Hey everyone!!

We has a fun division with the Sisters from Olhão, Sister Gaidanov from Romania and Sister Baker, from Utah. I stayed with Sister Baker who has been on her mission for 5 weeks!  It was fun to remember how fun it was to be a greenie in a strange country. I also know Sister Gaidanov from the MTC! We were in the MTC together and we came to Portugal at the same time. It was awesome to see how much she has grown in the past 7 months.

We also had a conference with Ulysses S Soares, who is the President of the Seventy for our areas. He came to talk to us and tour the area. He talked about better organization and diligence in the work! We spent most of the day with him and the other missionaries in our zone.  We had pizza with him too!

On Saturday night we accidentally locked our keys inside of our house.... And normally a member has spare keys but we accidentally broke the original keys when they fell out the window of our 9 story apartment. (That is a long story..) So we were using our spares when they accidentally got locked inside our house. So Sister Aiono has locked herself out a couple of times so she's learned how to open doors with our pass along cards. But after an hour of trying to open it, we decided to make some calls to our friends. We called a member who is a firefighter to ask for help. He brought this XRay sheet, folded it in half, and opened the door in 30 seconds. So. If you ever get locked out of your house... Just find an XRay!! Haha.

Also Jose was confirmed on Sunday! It's always so great to see when people accept such a great and special thing. 

Thanks for all you support!

Sister Ellsworth

Sister Gaidanov, me, Sister Baker, and Sister Aiono

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