Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference, Lisbon, and The Love Effect

Wow! What a week! I feel like every week flies by so fast I hardly know what happened. This week we actually did a lot of traveling. My companion had to go to Lisbon for a few days to take care of legal documents and then we had our zone conference on the other side of our mission. Zone conference was great as usual. I got to see Sister Aiono and Sister Hansen and some of the other missionaries I've come to know and love with all my heart. On the hour and a half train ride with 8 other missionaries we decided to sing hymns and other church songs to the other passengeres. We said hello to everyone and old ladies said we were so darn cute. 

The old part of our area is fully of old portuguese houses that are basically just built on top of each other and are only still standing because of the other houses that are supporting them.

General conference was absolutely fantastic!! I loved the first few speakers in the last session that spoke to members, non members, recent converts, and investigators about the importance of the little things. Many of the Apostles and members of the Seventy spoke about being good examples and strengthening your testimony through daily scripture study as an individual and a family, daily prayers, and keeping the Sabbath Day holy. These things are so important!! I've come to learn on my mission that even the strongest member can lose their testimony if they aren't faithfullly doing these little things. And I've also learned that even the farthest gone sinner can be brought to change their lives when introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the scriptures. 

Another theme that I noticed in General Conference was the call for more love and peace. We found this graffiti earlier this week and it came to mind as I was listening to General Conference. This world is full of anger, hurt and doubt. We find people on the road who tell us that there is no hope for this world and we had better just turn around and go back home. In response to those people I always ask if they feel like they have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Nine times out of ten they say no.

The only hope in this world comes through Jesus Christ and faith on him. There is a scripture in John 16:33 that says the following:

33 These things have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peaceIn the world ye shall have tribulationbut be ogood cheerhave overcome the world.
There are a couple of parts in this scripture that were shared with me one time. The first part is that "ye might have peace." If you don't have peace right now, have hope that it will come. Jesus said it was possible and he can't lie ;) The next part is "In the world ye shall have tribulation". So just in case you haven't noticed... This life is hard. It kinda sucks sometimes. But tribulation is here for a reason and God prepared a way for us to have good cheer DURING our tribulations. The next part is the last phrase. Jesus Christ descended below all so that we can be lifted up through his grace. So choose to be happy and you'll find that through Christ and a personal relationship to God you'll find the hope that you need.

Love you guys lots :)

Sister Ellsworth

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