Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Transfers and Old Lady Tea Parties

Hey hey hey!

This week we had a lot of cool little stories and little miracles. I think those days are the best days ever!

First off transfers!! I'll be giving Portimao another go with another companion! I know Sister Carr from the MTC and I've done a few divisions with her. It's going to be great!! I think our mission President knew that I was having too much fun with Sister Foster. She's going to be going back to Barriero again!! Except she's going to be whitewashing a new area there.

This week was so fun. We met a guy named Mohammed as he was sitting on the steps of a catholic church by himself. We bounced over to him, sat down and had a nice conversation about Christ and he said okay... Here's 10 euro, go to the Italian ice cream shop and buy some ice cream and bring it back here. Yay for friends!! 

We also did a division with one of my favorite people ever, Sonia. She stayed with us all day long and helped us work and teach. We had an awesome talk with her about serving a mission and she told us that she wants to serve a mission. The next day we were following up with a contact we had made on the road and this older lady answers the door and introduces herself as Jesus. My companion and I were like... okaaaay you might be a crazyhead. Then she laughs at our unsettled looks and says "I'm Maria de Jesus" and invites us in. We're like okie dokie. As she guides us to her living room we find 2 other elderly women between the ages of 75-95. They sit us down right in the middle of them and start to talk about how us youngins are on the path to Jesus and this 95 year old lady pats me on the knee and motions that she has a secret for me. I lean is and she starts singing this slightly creepy song about Christ in my ear while smiling a half toothless grin. But we taught them about the need for prophets and apostles and marked a return appointment. YES! Aguinha na boa.

My awesome companion!! Vou ter saudades!

​I got this amazing picture of our recently baptized convert, Jose. He was telling us his whole life story about how he had ran away from home and ended up in the army in a different country before sneaking away to Israel and how  he rode on the back of a camel into Syria. He told us about how his life had been filled with every sort of drug you can imagine and how he had stroked out as a homeless man and had to teach himself how to walk and talk again. Then he bore the sweetest testimony about how the only peace and harmony he has found in his life was through he Heavenly Father. What a great experience it has been to know him!

I love all of y'all and I know Heavenly Father loves you too!

Peace, love, and harmony!!

Sister Ellsworth

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