Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 2! Fireworks, Long Lost Cousins, and the Church is still true!

Happy 4th of July!

Well I made it. Woot! Everyone told me the first week was hard but they didn't mention that it would feel like it last 6 months! We've hit our stride, learning Portuguese out the wahoo and teaching investigators in another language. We pray, sing, and talk in class in Portuguese pretty easily when it comes to gospel related topics. 

So super weird thing... .I met two long lost cousins this week!! Both are descended from Edmund Lovell Ellsworth (Thanks Grandpa for teaching my my family History). I think it was an amazing blessing to have family alongside the work with me. Sister Ellsworth (not me) is going to the Philippines and she's from Arizona. I didn't catch where the other is going but she has the same red hair I do! 

On Saturday night they let all 2000 of us missionaries out into the parking lot to watch the fireworks. We sang songs and had queso, chips, oreos, and lots of junk. It was great to see the fireworks.  :) 

Everyone has asked me about the MTC food and honestly it's not too bad. The eggs are probably the nastiest thing ever but I usually prefer just to get a salad and fruit bowl. Even then, there's a lot of food XD Something interesting that happens here is that people sing and harmonize while they are getting ready in the morning. Our room is across the hall from the showers and bathrooms and we woke up this morning to the national anthem ringing through the halls. Everyone has such a brilliant light of Christ about them!

We got to clean the Temple and go on a temple walk which was a great experience. I have a great district (or group of people I learn with) who are all so nice and dedicated to serving Heavenly Father and sharing the happiness that Christ brings. 

Something I loved this week was a devotional given by Jolene Swenson. She talked about mistakes and how they are a part of out lives. Can you laugh at you mistakes? Being in the MTC i make more mistakes in one sentence than i have in a very long time. It's very humbling to ask for help and to take advice from someone who knows more than I do. Mistakes change us and help us learn. Act for yourself and don't be acted up. You have the freedom to choose, thanks to the free country we live in and to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Have the faith to throw yourself out of your comfort zone, because refusing to progress because of fear of change is the worst thing that can happen to someone. We are here to learn, progress, grow, and have love for each other. You are free to change into something better. 
My cousin, Sister Ellsworth!! 

​I have the best Companion, Sister Johnson!

​We both struggle with Portuguese... But Tudo Bem!

​Getting all Artsy Fartsy. This is one of my favoite pictures!

​The sisters in my zone.

​Our district mascot!

​Our zone on 4th of july
more pictures in another email :)

Tudo Bem!
Much Amor,
Sister Ellsworth

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