Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week 3: A Igreja e Verdadaires!

Ola from the Portuguese District!!

Well I've reached my halfway mark (in the MTC...) and I think I've finally figured out the trick to falling asleep immediately, knowing which lunchline is the fastest, and when to do your laundry! Haha! This week has been quite a bit calmer than the past two. We're more in a routine so there isn't too much to talk about. 

We did have a little pranking back and forth between my district and the district across the hall. They started it by putting smiley face stickers all over our classroom. Then a few days later we "BOM"ed them with Book of Mormon stickers that we got from the book store. In retaliation, they put crickets -- yes crickets-- in our room. They were dead "edible" crickets which was enough to make one of our sisters gag. We gathered all the crickets up and put them in a baggie to which we taped to their whiteboard and said "Temos nao medo!" Which means "we have no fear". 

My companion and I had a really good lesson with one of our investigators this week as well. One of the best things about teaching the Gospel in Portuguese is you have to be super simple. Simplicity helps so much when teaching because the Spirit testifies so strongly of the simple gospel truths like Heavenly Father loves you and we can be with our families forever because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

We also get the opportunity to watch "movies" on Sunday nights, which are usually gospel movies like Meet the Mormons or old devotionals from the Apostles. This Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith Restoration movie and I hope that everyone gets a chance to watch that move with 300 missionaries. There was a part where Joseph kisses Emma for the first time and the whole auditorium went absolutely nuts. My companion leaned over to me and commented that that one very chaste kiss was all the action we were gonna see for a long time.  After the movie was over someone started singing Praise to the Man and all of us joined in. That was one of the most powerful moments I've ever felt.

One of my goals for my mission is to develop Charity. I'd love your support and feedback with scriptures or quotes! Some really good scriptures I've found about charity are Moroni 7: 45-46 (though that whole chapter is the 2 Nephi 32:2-3, D&C 42:6, and D&C 4:5. Charity allows us to feel Christlike love for those around us and nothing could change the world faster than some charity!! I love all you guys and I hope you're well.

​very generous and nameless package came! The district might have eaten all the candy in less than a day... whoops! :D

​We walked up to the Provo Temple and we lost half the Elders by the time we got to the top... :)

​ Minha Companeira!​​​

Displaying DSCN0042.JPG
Displaying DSCN0042.JPG
​We bought all the ice cream in the vending machines and had an ice cream party! BYU ice cream is the bomb!!

Stay classy!
Tudo Bem!


Sister Ellsworth

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