Monday, January 23, 2017

Bemvindos ao Portimão


This week has been such an adventure, filled with lots of travel time, miracles, and the works! On Sunday night we got our transfer calls and I was reassigned to Portimão to serve with Sister Aiono! I was super excited to get to know a new area!!

Monday we packed our bags, cleaned, and said goodbye to some of my favorite people in Barreiro. It was so hard! I was able to see all but one of my recent converts. Fabiana and Alda were so sweet and Amaral almost made me cry. He told me about the difference he felt in his life because of the things that I had done for him. It made me remember how hard we worked to teach him and to help him adjust to life as a loyal member. He bore his sweet, simple testimony to me and I felt like every rejection and slammed door was 10000X worth it and I would do it all over again just to find someone like Amaral again. 

On Tuesday I rode the bus down to Portimão with two Elders to meet up with Sister Aiono, The bus ride was so long but it was glorious because I had my first nap in months. We didn't get to our area until really late at night so I had a quick tour of the chapel here and went home. The next day we visited some investigators and toured the area doing contacts and visiting members. That night we went back to Lisbon on the same bus to go to a meeting for leaders in the Mission, since Sister Aiono is a Sister Training Leader. We spent most of the day in Lisbon and came back to our area really late at night. The next day we worked our area some more! 

On Saturday we went to Faro for Zone conference and learned a lot about how we can better our teaching. There were some members of Faro there and they pretended to be investigators and we taught them all of the lessons. We had some really powerful lessons that really strengthened my confidence in our teaching. On Sunday we had church and I taught Sunday School by myself! It was so nerve wracking but nobody apostatized so I guess it was good! Haha!

Everything has been super great and I'm happy!

Sister Oliver and I!

Sister Oliver, Amaral, and I! The first 10 pictures he refused to smile... This was the best one we got XD

Sister Aiono, Vitor (recent convert) and I! Vitor is actually really funny! He's a happy person I swear!

​here's a video of the view from our apartment! We live on the 9th floor....

I hope you guys have a great week!

Sister Ellsworth

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