Monday, July 24, 2017

Miraculous voices explained

So the whistling of "Now let us Rejoice" in the stairway last week??

The absolutely weirdest thing that happened this week was that we were knocking doors inside this 9 story apartment building and in the stairwell we heard someone whistling "Now let us Rejoice". I looked at Sister Selman and she wasn't whistling. I wasn't whistling. And that song is a song that our members know! But there wasn't any member that lived in that road.... So we ran up and down the stairs looking for someone that was whistling. We found no one. Then we knocked every single door in that building and not one member.
Conclusion? Angels are messing with the missionaries again! Haha it was so weird!!!

So apparently we butt dialed our district leader and he was whistling to us from my companion's purse all the while listening to us looking for someone in the apartment building. Now the whole mission knows 😡

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