Monday, July 24, 2017

English Mistakes with the Patriarch and Book of Mormon Miracles

​Well... This week was an adventure!!

I think we'll start with good news first! We had lunch with the Stake Patriarch during this week which was probably the funniest thing of my whole life. He was making fun of my Portuguese because I said one word funny. So I started speaking English to him and his family. He responded asking why in English we write the words differently that we speak them and proceeded to talk in English like you would read it..... if that made any sense.... So he wanted to say "I like myself and my family." But in Portuguese the "i" makes an "ee" noise so what he actually said was  "I lick myself and my family!" My companion and I died laughing! I couldn't stop even to explain to them what he said.

Then during the week we got asked to clean the mold off the walls in a house. My companion was trying to clean it off the ceiling with a mop and a rag but it wasn't coming off. She asked for help and I walked over there and put a little umph and it came right off. She looked at me and said "What did you eat for breakfast...?" 

Then we found out that this house that we clean was infested with lice.

And guess who got lice.

We did.

So we treated it and cleaning everything in the house. All of our stuff is in plastic bags. HOW FUN!!!

I also started physical therapy this week for my foot... It's going good.

There was a wedding this week as well! The groom asked us missionaries to sing Come thou fount at his wedding... Why? I don't know but we did it anyway! It turned out pretty well. We sang with the Elders. The bishop's 7 year old daughter fell in love with one of the elders. It was hilarious. She came up to him afterward and said "What's your name?" He responded "Elder Carreira." Then she gave him these saucy eyes and a dazzling smile and said "I like your name." The elder looked and my companion and I in panic and we were rolling on the floor laughing. She then started telling everyone at the wedding that she was going to marry the elder. 

I got to see MANUELA!! My first convert! She visited me this week and we had lunch, IT WAS SO AWESOME!

​We also had an AWESOME Book of Mormon activity this week! We went down to the train station with 7 copies of the Book of Mormon marked and ready to give away. We and some members waited for the trains to come and we started contacting everyone!! We found 5 people in one hour that asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and for us to explain it to them. It was AWESOME!!!!

​Let's just take a moment to appreciate this Portuguese house. There's a Lion stature, snails, and a Maria Fatima. Basically.... Portugal lol.

This week has been great.

Thanks for your support!
Love you,
Sister Ellsworth

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