Monday, July 17, 2017

4th of July, New companion, I CAN WALK

Okay... I formally apologize for not writing long emails. After hearing a few complaints I decided to write about every possible little thing that happened this week. Prepare yourself for an email of rambling.

First off, we starting this last week with a transfer! Surprise surprise Sister Baker left  for Setubal after just 2 weeks in Póvoa..  I miss her but she's doing an awesome job there! Now I have my fantastic new companion Sister Selman! This week has been a blast! We nerd out about the same things and she is a fantastic missionary. The Elder's area closed so instead of 4 missionaries in Póvoa, now it's just us! It has been CRAZY! We have 11 recent converts plus our investigators and the investigators of the Elders. AND our bishop told ALL of the members to invite the missionaries over in the next two weeks. It's like there's been an awakening in the members and I think its gonna be good! 

We found this girl named Helena this week. She's our age and she's pretty religious. We found her down by the train station when we were on a division with some members and Carla, who is awesome as well, stopped her in the road and asked her if she knew any Mormons. Helena replied and said that she had talked to the Sisters in the past but they got transferred and she never heard from them again. Carla grabbed my arm and was like "HERE ARE THE NEW SISTERS!!" So we taught the first lesson to her and answered her questions about prophets and such. 

We also found this super cool family! Ricardo and Jací let us in their humble house and we taught them sitting on their son's bed because they didn't have chairs to sit on. We taught them about God and how believing in God and going to church can help their family be more unified in hard times. One of their daughters said her first prayer. I absolutely LOVE first prayers! It's the best thing in the whole wide world. 

We also took over teaching Joel, the friend of the Elder's recent convert. He was confirmed on Sunday. Their family has been passing through some hard times as well but while we were there teaching about how God fulfills his promises to bless his obedient children, Joel got a phone call offering him work. Everyone was nearly in tears and Joel got his answer that God is aware of him and that God approves of his decision to follow the example of Christ.

We also started teaching this guy named Pedro (this week we found a lot of new investigators). Pedro is a guy who believes in God but doesn't believe that God is good. Pedro had an accident a few years ago and now he's in a wheelchair. Despite his wife being a doctor, he chooses to live in a trailer home because he doesn't think he deserves anything better. We taught him that God does in fact love Pedro very much and that's why he was here on the earth. Pedro thought a lot about what we said and gruffy said: "Okay... you guys can come back next week..." We laughed and promised him that it would be worth his while.

In a lesson with one of our investigators named Bruno, he also said his first prayer. When we found him he didn't know who God or Jesus were. We taught him that he can come to know who God is through prayer and he asked if he could try to pray. We were like.... YES!!!! We gave him a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately later that day his mom called and said that we couldn't teach her son more.... But hopefully Bruno will remember us and accept the missionaries in the future. 

4th of July. We did nothing. Sorry America... I'm Portuguese now :D

On Friday we can an AWESOME missionary activity! We hauled all of the youth down to the train station, set up a stand about family history work, and set those kids to work. They stopped everyone and we got lots of contacts!! We found that it was mostly jovens who stopped to listen to us with curiosity about who they were, why they were here, and where they came from. 

We also taught a very successful English class! Normally we had 1 or 2 people show up but this week we had a whole lot more! We played games in English and taught people the difference between "tree" and "three". 

The other day I was reading my journal about everything that has happened since I came on my mission. I feel like time has flown by so fast! My trainer went home this week.... She sent me an email about taking her name tag off and I realized that the last year has not lasted long enough. I think I'll stay here forever. Sorry family and friends... I'm staying here FOREVER!!! Muhaha!  Just send me money and peanut butter please. 

I hope this was long enough for those who were not satisfied in the past.... I can't think of anything else XD Being a  missionary is awesome! I would highly recommend it ^_^

Love you!

Sister Ellsworth

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