Friday, June 30, 2017

Gimpy foot

So... Here's the low down.

They decided not to get a second CAT scan. They thought it was unnecessary. They sent the x-rays and such to the church's German doctors to get a second opinion and they said that I could use a walker's boot (one of those pretty massive concrete boots) for 6 weeks with a bit of therapy instead of going home. They think that might work.

I still take ibuprofen like a drug addict and we stay inside every once in a while when it hurts too much. 

So for now they're going to wait 6 weeks to reevaluate and for now I'm staying here. 

As for the blessing I've already gotten two from the elders and I don't think it would make much of a difference to get one from president. Same priesthood and he's busy....

I talk to the mission presidents wife lots... We're like best friends now. She asks if I've added any new bedazzling or painted the boot lime green XD She wants me to start therapy next week. So i'm gonna do that...

This whole thing kinda sucks.... Its really frustrating to see 0´s in your numbers because you cant go out walking or to have investigators lose interest because you didn't pass frequently enough. Sigh. I do not recommend breaking your foot on your mission... arm? collarbone? Sure but the foot sucks.

Love you!

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