Friday, June 30, 2017

New companion and Pranks!!

So this week we had an emergency transfer because another sister went home and my companion went to serve in Barriero and I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Baker! She´s been serving for 6 months so far and she´s so darn cute! She´s works really hard. 

When she got here we found a member on the road by the train station but Sister Baker didn't know he was a member. So I nudged her and told her to contact him. She stopped him and started to talk to him for 15 minutes about church and families and God's plan for him but this member was being really tough XD Finally she gave up and I stepped in and was like, "We have church tomorrow. Do you want to go with us?" And he was like sure! Sister Baker´s mouth dropped open when she found out he was a member.

Other than that we had a lovely week of cloudy days which was so much better than the 100 degree sun.

Love all of you!

Sister Ellsworth

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