Friday, June 9, 2017


My companion is awesome. Shes from Brasil and makes good food and loves to joke around. She calls me her "cuitada" which is like "loved one" or "poor thing" depending on the context. Most of the time I'm not sure which XD

The ward in Povoa is pretty awesome. The members are cool and in general all of them love the missionaries. Most of our ward is Portuguese which is really weird XD  My other areas have been mostly African and Brazilian. The area is not touristy at all but we are about 15 minutes away from the temple site!! We're going to pass by today!  The area is a richer area than I've been to.. pretty similar to the area that you guys live in. Lots of families too!! We've already found that knocking doors doesn't work as well as my last two areas so we've been working with our recent converts and members every day. 

I kind of doubt it will be my last area.... I have 5 more transfers and its pretty rare to stay in an area for more than 3 transfers as a sister. President likes to move us around and he puts us in areas that the Elders have killed. We're actually working the old area of Elders. President told us that he was thinking about closing our area for the two companionships and just have one but apparently the day before transfers a few weeks ago he decided to put me and Sister Nogueira there. The first week he called us and said, "Sisters, You guys have to find 2 people to mark for baptism and teach 10 lessons with 6 investigators, okay?" And then hung up. We were like.... okay.... So we found Domingos and a boy named Soni, we taught 11 lessons and had 6 new investigators. President called us again and said, "Well, I decided that you guys can to better. Prove me right." And hung up. So this week we marked Soni and Joana, taught 12 lessons, and found 8 new investigators and had 5 of them at church. 

I'm kind of nervous that he'll call again XD  

But its been a good week :) I looked at the calendar the other day and realized that i hit 1 year in a week or two... It made me so sad. I wish that I could stay in Portugal forever and that you guys will just move here..... I really understand why missionaries love their missions so much... why they love the people and to serve. 

Love you,
Sister Ellsworth

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