Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sintra, Baptism, And I´m Melting

Hey guys!

This week was quite the adventure! Almost every day was about 107 degrees WITH humidity. We had to knock apartment buildings because it was so hot. On Saturday we got stranded and a member came to rescue us. On the way back her car broke. Apparently there is a rubber thing that holds the exhaust pipe up and it MELTED. We had to wait for a little while until another member came to rescue us again XD I'm tanning... and my hair is bleaching. A member told me that I don't even look american anymore and my hair is almost blonde now. But that's okay... :)

Also I don´t know if you guys saw but there was this massive fire in Coimbra that killed more than 60 people when the fire trapped people on the freeway...  It was really far away from any of the missionaries but it was really sad to watch the news reports as more and more people were found in their cars or that had died from breathing smoke. Remember them in your prayers....

Last Pday I didn't get a chance to write because we had to to a CAT scan of my foot again (they still haven't decided what they're going to do about the fracture) and then we went to Sintra afterwards. The castles in Sintra are so cool! There are huge underground tunnels and churches made from bones. I brought this painting from a cool African guy on the side of the road and its hanging up in my room!

Waterfall in Sintra

Riboleira Castle 


Look at her.. so darn happy. She was so excited to be baptized! She brought 15 people with her that weren't members so....references!! Haha! We´re going to start teaching her daughter this week. 

I'm still walking on crutches. It's super annoying to be a missionary when you walk as fast as an old lady with hip problems. But we´re making it work. When you can't do what you've always done just do what matters most!
This week we also had a ward activity! They put the missionaries in charge so we bought 300 water balloons and had a massive waterballoon fight! After the waterballoons were gone people started dumping huge buckets of water on each other. And I, the poor sister who ca't run to claim revenge, was the primary target of the drenchings. I think I was drenched 5 or  times in less than 2 hours. But with the 100 degree heat it was a welcomed blessing! The members have also started calling me Sardinha, which means little fish. Apparently it's a reference to Ariel from the Little Mermaid because I can't walk too well. Even the Primary children were calling me Sardinha!

Sister Ellsworth

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