Friday, June 9, 2017

I broke my foot and didn't even know

Hey yall! 

Well this week was really fun! Haha. For the past few weeks my foot has been kind of sore and eventually my companion made me talk to the mission doctor and she sent me to get Xrays. Well apparently my foot was fractured.

How? I don't know! So know I'm using crutches for a few weeks or however long it takes to get better. Yes, I'm using good shoes. No, I didn't fall. Yes, i'm fine! That should cover all the questions haha!

This week I also got sick... My poor companion... She's had to take care of me this whole week. But I'm almost all better now. The ward here has been very helpful! I think once the word got out that a Sister couldn't walk all of a sudden EVERYONE was offering to give us rides and teach with us and have us over for dinner. This week was proof that member missionary work works so much better than what we missionaries can do! Of all the members that invited us over, three families introduced us to a friend or a family member who was not a member. Of those three references, all of them are now marked for baptism and are progressing fantastically!

We met one woman from Angola this week named Joana. She lives with a member and told us that she's always been curious about the Book of Mormon. Turns out she had read half of it before we taught her the first lesson! As we shared the First Vision with her she started to cry, holding her Book of Mormon close to her. She told us that she knew it was true. As we were leaving she gave each of us one of those big grandma hugs and said, "I've been waiting to meet you two for the last 50 years."

We met another kid named Isaundro, who is from Guinea. He is 22 years old and moved here by himself to try to escape his situation in Africa. We were walking in the road when we found him. I saw some other missionaries from another church on the other side of the road start to walk towards him and I told Sister Noguiera that we couldn't let them contact him first. So we ran (or rather Sister Noguiera ran and I hobbled) to contact him. Turns out he was thinking about where he could find answers to all his questions about life and asked God to help him. So Heavenly Father sent the Sisters! Isaundro came to church and is already best friends with three other boys who came from Africa and are recent converts as well. 

It's been a really crazy week... But I think I would choose to be a gimp for the rest of my mission if it meant that we could find people like Joana and Isaundro every week. BEING A MISSIONARY IS SO MUCH FUN!! It sucks sometimes but in the end, I love it!!

Com muito amor, paz, saude, alegria, e saudades, 

Sister Ellsworth

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