Thursday, May 11, 2017


This week flew by... I feel like I blinked and it's Monday again. This week was fun! We had a training meeting with the Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Assistants on Tuesday. We practiced teaching and we got a lot of really good feedback that saved a lot of would-be disaster lessons during the week. We taught a single mom this week named Carol. She's from Brasil but lived in England for a few years where she had her first daughter after her boyfriend left her. She moved back here to Portugal to finish school and be closer to family. I love her little daughter to pieces... She's so dang cute. As we were talking to Carol about how the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and how the Plan of Salvation is a guide for our lives, we were all touched by a special spirit. We also explained how the Book of Mormon is a history of her ancestors in ancient America and that special spirit was even stronger. Leaving that lesson I felt so happy to feel the spirit so strongly that I wanted to just stay with Carol for the rest of the day! 

On Thursday we had a grand adventure. The sisters from Lagos, which is the area closest to ours, called and said that one of the sisters was in the hospital with appendicitis. They had gone to the hospital without any spare clothes or toothbrushes so I did a division with Sister Ribeiro for a few hours to get back to Lagos and get extra things that they would need. Sister Herrera was so funny after she came out of the surgery! She's a funny girl in the first place but she came in singing the Bohemian  Rhapsody. She froze halfway through the song and said, in half Portuguese and half English, "Guys... I'm holy.." And then tried to do a contact with the doctor who was trying to explain to her a few rules. She had all of us laughing so hard.

It's been a good week. We're working hard and happy as ever!

Love you!

Sister Ellsworth

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