Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Transfers, War on the Elders

Hey! This week was fun! We had a lot of little miracles. Unfortunately I hurt my leg somehow and had some difficulties walking for a larger part of the week. We hosted President and Sister Tavares here at the end of the week. They told us about transfers Saturday morning and said that I was going to Evora (or in other words, land of the college kids) and that Sister Carr would stay here. Then on Sunday President called us again and was basically like "Just kidding, I moved everything at the last minute. Good luck." So we're like 90% sure that I'm going to Povoa to serve with Sister Nogueira, who is an awesome native from Brasil, and Sister Carr is staying here to train. She's so excited and I am too!

Also Sunday night Sister Carr and I were walking home and I heard this whoosh behind me and a splash. The Elders jumped out from behind a fence and hollered at us with water balloons in each hand! They chased us all the way to our house where we got cornered at our stupid front door that is literally impossible to open sometimes. The Elders had squirt guns and a sack full of water balloons and the only thing I could was try to dodge them and protect Sister Carr as she tried to open the ancient door (which usually only opens easily on the full moon or if you do a rain dance). Sister Carr managed to open the door and we ran inside and the Elders ran home laughing their heads off.

It's war. Have you already heard of the wars and rumors of wars? It has begun. We're in the chapel right now waiting for the elders to come by to pick up lunch... What better way to get Elders to show up than to offer them free food? Well we have a huge bucket of water balloons and two water guns. Story to be continued but the spirit of prophesy in me is telling me that there will be casualties on the opposing side.


Sorry for the short email but love you still!


Sister Ellsworth

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