Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ladrões, Amazing People, Paradise Weather

Hey yall! This week was filled with lots of fun things. On our Pday we went to the local mall and tried to find a new skirt or dress for the Zone conference that happened on Tuesday. All the Sisters in my district are "old" sisters (we've been serving for more than 9 months) so we've all worn out all our clothes or worn them six bajillion times. When we got there we quickly realized that the winter knee-length skirts and dresses had long gone and had been replaced with the summer skirts lol. Let's just say that there will be no hope of finding new skirts unless you go to the old ladies section XD We got a few funny looks from these Germans as three Americans and a Brazilian tried on old lady skirts. 

On Tuesday we had an awesome Zone conference and I got to see a few of my friends before they head home in a few weeks. I took pictures and everything but then my Zone leader deleted every single picture I had on my camera. He doesn't speak a lick of English so the "delete selected picture" looked a lot like "delete all photos". I wasn't too happy but hey... The Atonement works in many different ways haha. So I don't have pictures for you guys... Sorry. I'll take some more this week. 

On Wednesday we were in the chapel waiting for an investigator to show up. We were there with Sonia and Carina who were working on a relief society project when this guy comes running through the door, blows past all of us, and books it to the end of the hall to the bathroom.  The four of us looked at each other bewildered but none of us had the guts to go find out why he need the bathroom so bad. Here in Portugal it's super rude not to say hello to someone. It's rude enough that people get in fist fights or break lifelong friendships over it so it was really strange that this strange man I've never seen before would just run into the chapel without saying anything. Well a few minutes later three other guys came running in and scared the bejeezes out of all of us. They were Gypsies so they're the type of people to live in shacks and steal things. Very nice people but not very trustworthy. So being the fearless missionary that I am I intercepted them before they could beeline it to the back of the church like the first guy and said "Hello, we're the missionaries. Would you like a tour of the chapel?" The man responded and said that they were looking for a thief who ran in the church. I was like.... uh oh... So I told them that a guy ran to the back of the church and they started to look for him. They didn't end up finding him and left in peace. I think the robber probably jumped the fence or something. 

We also met this woman named Teresa. We gave her a Book of Mormon and taught her about the plan of Salvation. She started to cry and told us that she had never found answers to her questions about life after death and the purpose of life. She began to read the Book of Mormon every day. She told us that she didn't understand everything that she was reading but that while she was reading  she felt this funny burning feeling in her chest. She din't understand it so she paused her reading assignment and took some medication for anxiety, thinking that her anxiety was coming back. But we explained to her that the Holy Ghost speaks to us through feelings like that. She felt so content that she asked if she could be baptized. My companion and I were like... Um. Sure. If you want to... Haha just kidding we were so stoked for her. Marked her  and everything. She's such a powerful woman.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY NEXT SUNDAY!!!! It was mothers day here yesterday... Don't ask me why it's different because I don't know. 

Well that's about it! Love all you to bits!

Sister Ellsworth

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