Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mothers Day! BBq's and Tender Mercies

Hey Everyone!

This week was good. Lots of work but we some some the greatest miracles I've seen so far on my mission. It was great to talk to my family on Sunday! They are cool people. It rained a lot this week but the Lord loves his missionaries so it only rained while we were inside! As soon as it was time to go outside it stopped raining!! I think God has a sense of humor or something.

There was a BBQ here for the  anniversary of the restoration of the Priesthood. We were out on the streets hauling loads of potential investigators into the church for free food and salvation! 

On Sunday at church I translated for two American families, a couple from Germany, and a woman from Switzerland for all three hours of church. My brain was completely fried at the end of the day! They were returned missionaries visiting their old areas again. One of them had served here 25 years ago and the other was a sister that trained my trainer! So she's my grandma! The man who served here 25 years ago was standing behind me as I was trying to talk a less active member into staying for the third hour of church but the less active wasn't having any of it. Then the man stepped all of a sudden like he knew the less active. Turns out the returned missionary had baptized that less active 25 years ago!! But they didn't recognize each other until I said the name of the less active. Talk about coincidences!

As promised, I have pictures!!

This is my best friend here in Portimao! Sonia is so awesome. She was baptized 4 years ago and loves to help us out and goof off with us on our Pdays.

This is Teresa! If you guys saw, my dad posted a video of me talking about her on my blog. She has such a cool story. Love her to bits!

​This week was international week in the Sisters' house. We made nachos! We also made Hortchata. Yum!

​This wonderful lady also changed me mission. Her name is Lania. She's one of those unknown superwomen who just needs to be baptized. Unfortunately she moved to Brasil this week. I'm happy for her! And I'm also going to track the missionaries down in her city and annoy them until they find her.

Love all of you! The Church is still true!

Sister Ellsworth

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